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Overview: General Considerations of Parking Lot Design in Central Florida


Here in Central Florida, the parking lot design is the first and the last part of a building complex to be viewed by the visitor or resident of that building.  It is the gateway through which all customers, visitors, employees and residents pass.  Especially with Central Florida’s year round good weather, this first impression is very important to the overall feeling and atmosphere conveyed to the user.

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In Florida, developers pay particular attention doing everything possible to make their new facilities attractive, well designed and functional.  Though many hours are spent on producing aesthetically pleasing building designs here in Orlando Florida, the same design consideration for parking lot design is often overlooked.  Pavements in parking areas that are initially under-designed for the Florida climate can experience excessive maintenance problems and a shortened service life.


When properly designed and constructed in Central Florida, parking lot designs for parking areas can be an attractive part of any facility while at the same time being safe, and most important, usable to the maximum degree for the longest possible time.  In addition, parking areas should be designed for low maintenance costs and easy modification in the Florida climate.  Also attention should be paid to making future modifications, due to use patterns, be easy and cost effective.


General Planning for Parking Lot Design in the Central Florida Area

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In developing the parking area plan here in Orlando Florida, several important details should be considered.  First and foremost in the mind of the developer may be providing the maximum parking capacity in the available space while ensuring convenience and safety in our Central Florida sub-tropical environment.


Here at Perma Stripe based in Central Florida, we follow rules of parking lot design that have been developed for optimizing parking area space.  Among them are the following:

 explanation of parking lot on by permastripe Orlando

  1. Use rectangular areas where possible.

  2. Make the long sides of the parking areas parallel.

  3. Design so that parking stalls are located along the lot’s perimeter.

  4. Use traffic lanes that serve two rows of stalls.


If the locality does not have a zoning ordinance identifying specific requirements for off-street parking, we at Perma Stripe Orlando suggest the following:



Land Use                      Spaces/Unit




Single-Family                                     2.0/Dwelling


Efficiency                                             1.0/Dwelling

1-2 Bedroom                                       1.5/Dwelling

Larger                                                   2.0/Dwelling

Hospital                                                1.2/Bed

Auditorium/Theater/Stadium    0.3/Seat

Restaurant                                          0.3/Seat

Industrial                                            0.6/Employee

Church                                                  0.3/Seat

College/University                           0.5/Student

Retail                                                     4.0/1000 Gross Floor Area

Office                                                     3.3/1000 Gross Floor Area

Shopping Center                               5.5/1000 Gross Leasable Area

Hotel/Motel                                        1.0/Room


Senior High School                          0.2/Student


Other Schools                                    1.0/Classroom



explanation of parking lot on by permastripe Orlando

Special attention should be given to the flow of traffic in and out of the lot as well as circulating routes inside the lot.  During parking lot design in Central Florida, keep entrances far away from busy street intersections and from lines of vehicles stopped at a signal or stop sign.  Be sure that the entering vehicles can move into the lot on an internal aisle, thereby avoiding entering congestion caused by involvement with turning vehicles.  A pedestrian traffic-flow study is important to provide information about both safety and convenience.



Parking Lot Design in Orlando: Parking Angle

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The most popular angles for parking stalls are 60’, 45’ and 90’.  The most common angle for parking lot design is the 60’ angle because of the ease of operation it provides.  This angle permits reasonable traffic lane widths and eases entry and exit of the parking stall.


Where lot size restricts the dimensions available for aisles and stalls, a 45’ angle may be used.  The smaller change of direction required to enter and back-out of the stall space permits use of narrower aisles.  The 45’ angle reduces the total number of parking spaces for a given area but is the only acceptable angle for a herringbone parking lot pattern.


The 90’ parking angle provides the most parking spaces for a given area.  The high degree of difficulty for entering and leaving these parking stalls make this type of parking more suited to all-day parking, such as employee parking.  This angle is generally not preferred for “in and out” lots such as those of fast food restaurants and banks.


Parking Lot Design in Orlando: Parking Space Dimensions

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Typical parking stall dimensions vary with the angle at which the stall is arranged in relation to the aisle.  Stall widths (measured perpendicular to the vehicle when parked) range from 8-1 to 9-1 feet.  The minimum width for public use parking spaces is 9 feet by 19 feet.


Perma Stripe of Central Florida recommends stall dimensions for compacts and similar-sized vehicles are 7-1/2 feet by 15 feet.  If a number of such spaces are to be provided, they should be grouped together in a prime area to promote their use.  Stall widths for parking lot design in Orlando Florida where shoppers generally have large packages, such as supermarkets and other similar parking facilities, should be 9-1/2 feet or even 10 feet wide our of courtesy to the patrons of the store.







Dimension                                             45’      60’     75’      90’ 


Stall width parallel to aisle                   12.7       10.4       9.3       9.0

Stall length of line                                  25.0       22.0     20.0     18.5

Stall depth to wall                                  17.5       19.0     19.5     18.5

Aisle width between stall lines            12.0       16.0     23.0     26.0

Stall depth, interlock                             15.3       17.5     18.8     18.5

Module, wall to interlocking               44.8       52.5     61.3     63.0

Module, interlock to curb face            42.8       51.0     61.0     63.0

Bumper overhang (typical)                   2.0         2.3       2.5       2.5

Offset                                                         6.3         2.7       0.5       0.0

Setback                                                     11.0        8.3       5.0       0.0

Cross aisle, one-way                              14.0       14.0     14.0     14.0

Cross aisle, two-way                              24.0       24.0     24.0     24.0





Parking Lot Design in Orlando; Parking Lot Markings

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Markings are a very important element of a good parking lot.  The parking area should be clearly marked to designate parking spaces and to direct traffic flow.  As specified in the “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices” or (MUTCD), parking on public streets should be marked out by using white traffic paint, except for dangerous areas, which should be marked in yellow.


However, yellow lines are commonly used in off-street parking lots.  All pavement striping should be 4 inches in width.


New asphalt surfaces can be marked with either traffic paint or cold-applied marking tape, as specified in the parking lot design.  For best results with paint application, allow the asphalt concrete to cure for several days.

Properly applied pavement striping is the most durable and cost effective traffic control measure available. PermaStripe provides top quality Thermoplastic Pavement Marking or Paint Striping to help create a problem-free parking lots and roads.

explanation of parking lot on by permastripe Orlando

Our striping services include:

  • Re-striping
  • Custom lettering
  • Indoor striping
  • Custom stenciling
  • Painting of ballards, speed bumps and car bumpers
  • Removal of any unwanted markings

We are the proven experts at Orlando asphalt paving, Orlando sealcoating and Orlando parking lot repairs. Please call us at 407.814.7400 for a FREE Inspection & Estimate.


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