Standards and Guidelines for Parking Lot Striping in Florida

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To ensure a comfortable safe parking experience, standard guidelines are essential for parking lot striping in Florida.  Local authorities for each area set area-specific design standards. Perma Stripe Florida’s premier road, parking lot and parking garage striping company is familiar with every local areas specific guideline and can easily get you permitted and your parking lot striping in Florida done to everyone’s satisfaction.


Adhere to Standard Detentions for Best Results:

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Parking spaces should be 9-19 feet in width for the spaces to be both easily accessible and conform to an efficient use of space.  If you are using perpendiculars, or straight in parking spaces you will need 19 feet and a minimum driveway width of 24 feet per car to allow easy access.  Parallel parking spaces require a curb length of 23 feet per car.  If you are planning an angled parking space, it is customary for the angle to be 60 degrees and requires a curb length of space depth of 21 feet and a driveway width of 18 feet for proper parking lot striping in Florida.


Design Guidelines beyond size considerations:

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The best stripes are either 4 to 6 inches wide to separate the spaces or 2 to 5 inch lines separated by 1 foot 6 inches in between the 2 lines, which keeps cars more confined to the center of each allotted space for proper parking lot striping in Florida.  This 2 line method adds 1 foot to the total width of each space.  The minimum driveway widths within a parking lot or parking garage is for one way lane is 12 feet and for 2 way traffic is 20 feet.


Guidelines for Handicap Accessibility:

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There are certain requirements specified by The Americans with Disabilities Act parking lot striping in Florida which must be followed. Each local municipality may add additional requirements, but as a minimum we present the following:  The act specifies some rules to be followed in the design of car parking lots.  Handicap spaces must be provided closest to the building’s main entrance and be clearly marked by accessibility signs, something Perma Stripe of Florida can provide at best prices available.  The law stipulates that: “a clear accessible aisle of 5 feet be provided for cars and 8 foot aisle for handicap accessible vans.  Additionally a clear access route with ramps which is a minimum of 3 feet wide should be provided directly in front of the spaces leading fully to the front of the building main entrance.”


Design Considerations:

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First, make sure the company striping the project is fully familiar with and has access to all signage needed to make the lot look as professional as if it were a government parking facility. This adds professionalism to the lot or garage and ensures adherence to the signs intent.  A good well regarded striping company such as Florida’s Perma Stripe will ensure that landscaping is not marred or destroyed by striping equipment or over spray.  The lot should be pristine when the job is finished if you are to have proper parking lot striping in Florida.  When re-striping a lot is important to re-stripe access roads, update road signs and replace lighting for maximum effect, a newly striped lot or garage should be an event to take notice of.  Finally, consider professionally sealing the lot with an environmentally friendly sealer before the striping process.  This is something Perma Stripe is an expert in as well Perma Stripe will deliver the right parking lot striping for every Florida completed project.


With Florida based Perma Stripe, you have a company that has fulfilled the striping needs of such projects as Universal Studios, parking lot striping in Florida.the entire Orange County Convention Center, the city of Winter Garden as well as countless smaller projects, lots, garages and neighborhoods.  Perma Stripe is the largest striping and signage company in the area, but no commercial job is too small.  Go with the pros, call Perma Stripe today:


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